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Evangeline School Board Gets School Transportation Report

August 20, 2014

The new school year has begun and the Evangeline Parish School Board held their bi-monthly meeting tonight (Wednesday).  

The Board heard from Lance Enkey with First Student, the board ‘s  bus transportation company.  He reports the new school year is going well so far.  They are short a few drivers, but will be hiring more very soon.  He also reports that buses in the parish are currently transporting 4,850 students and traveling 5,500 miles a day.

Assistant Superintendent, Darwan Lazard, spoke to the Board regarding all of the maintenance projects that were completed over the summer.  Mr. Lazard said: “Mike Hazelton, Maintenance Foreman, is to be commended.  He and his crew worked very hard in completing the projects.”  He also thanked the Board for their support.  He said without the Board’s support, they would not have been able to get to all of the requests they had.  Mr. Lazard said they are going to be “pro-active” in the maintenance department and not wait for things to breakdown.  Nancy Hamlin and Peggy Foreman also commended Mr. Hazelton on a job well done.

School Board Business Manager Amy Lafleur, presented the Board with the proposed 2014-2015 Budget.  The Budget will be discussed during a public hearing on September 4th.  It will then go to the Board for approval.  She also was pleased to announce that the EPSB Sales Tax collections in July  went up by $24,382.50 compared to July of last year.

Superintendent, Toni Hamlin, advised the Board that Ted Soileau will be doing a presentation at the next meeting explaining the “Jump Start” program and what all is involved.  She advised that there will be two new diploma routes for those who are entering high school as a freshman this year. 1) The Core 4 and 2) Career Technical.  Mr. Soileau will explain the new “pathways” that will be implemented and how they will affect students.  The Board also stated that in our area, 82% of children who graduate are not entering college.  These pathways could be a useful resource for students who will not attend college.

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                                                            Gary J. Ortego

                                                            Gilbert Aucoin



                                                            Chuck R. West



                                                            Trent Brignac


          DISTRICT 1:

                                                 Lonnie D. Sonnier

          DISTRICT 2:

                                                Bobby Deshotel

          DISTRICT 3:


          DISTRICT 4:

                                                            Wayne Dardeau


          DISTRICT 5:

                                                Peggy Forman


          DISTRICT 6:

                                      David Landreneau

          DISTRICT 7:

                                      Buck Dupuis

          DISTRICT 8:

                                      Wanda Anderson Skinner

          DISTRICT 9:

                                      Scott Limoges

          DISTRICT 10:

                                      Arthur Savoy

          DISTRICT 11:

                                       Nancy A. Hamlin

          DISTRICT 12:


          DISTRICT 13:

                                       Georgianna Wilson



          WARD 2:

                             Dave McGee

                                    Charlotte Smith

          WARD 3:

                             Phyllis Soileau

          WARD 4:

                             Wade Riley

          WARD 5:

                                    Annette Hazelton Fontenot



          WARD 2:

                             Earlin Fruge

                                    Mike Stockwell

          WARD 3:

                             Wesley Childress

                                    Brent Zackery

          WARD 4:


          WARD 5:





                             Berline B. Sonnier

          CHIEF OF POLICE:

                                    Allen Ivory, Jr.


                                    Grayling Richardson: District 2

                             Bron Dubroc: District 2

                                    Hunter D. Ortego: District 2

                                    Carmen Ardoin Langley: District 2

                                    Robert L. Deshotel: At Large





                             Jackie Malveaux Thomas

          CHIEF OF POLICE:

                                    Bill Ortego

                                    Paul Allen, Jr.


                                    J. B. Brasseaux

                                    Debra Fontenot





                                    Ricky Fontenot

          CHIEF OF POLICE:

                             Katina Richard



Jessica Fontenot: District 2

Derryl “T-Glyn” Brunet: District 3

Robin L. Young: District 4

Leisa Deshotel: At Large




                             Bert K. Campbell

          CHIEF OF POLICE:

                                    Louis Dale Marcantel

                                    Robert Glen Leggett


                                    Kurry W. Stewart




            Gregory Vidrine

            Alex “Sonny” Chapman

            Julhelene “Betsy” Jackson


           CITY MARSHALL:

                                                Ronald “T” Doucet


                                      Jennifer Vidrine

                                                Taranza Arvie

          CHIEF OF POLICE:

                                                Glenn Leleux

                                                Linton Fontenot

                                                Neal Lartigue


                                    C. J. Dardeau : District A

                                    Jerry Joseph: District B

                                    Mike Perron: District C

                                    Anna L. Frank: District C

                                    Donald Sam: District E

                                    Jerry Bottley: District E

                                    Shounda Smith Jack: District F


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Ville Platte Rotary Club Hears From David Mayeaux


AUGUST 19, 2014


   The Rotary Club of Ville Platte today (Tuesday)heard from Rotary Club President David Mayeaux give his financial firm’s mid -year outlook. He said the economy is expanding at about 3% and investors can expect a 10-15% return on stocks and a flat return in the bond market.

   He explained the economy is cyclical in nature. In 2008, when the recession struck, the economy began shrinking. In the last few years, there were signs of an early recovery with industry began adding jobs. Right now, we are in the mature market with an improving economy and inflation returning. He said the next cycle in the economy ahead is the peak of the market with rising inflation with the Fed hiking interest rates.

    Mayeaux expects the global economy will do better this year and he forecast 10-15 percent return in the stock market.

    In other news, the rotary club:

--accepted Nicole Winger with Dry max Restoration as a new member;

--was reminded that the city sponsored Farmers Market will be held Friday from 5-7pm at the Downtown Park. It was also reported that the McNeese Women’s Basketball Team as at Chicot State Park last night and helped clean up the new Boys and Girls Club location today and visited with Jenn and Steph at KVPI Studios.

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Qualifying for Political Candidates


AUGUST 15, 2014


     Qualifying begins Wednesday August 20 through Friday August 22  from 8:30am to 4;30pm each day at the Evangeline Parish Clerk of Court’s office in the courthouse, according to Clerk of Court Randy Deshotel.

      Among the offices that will be open for qualifying include:


District Judge- two to be chosen; District Attorney; school board(all 13 members); justice of the peace and constable.

In the Town of Basile, qualifying will take place for mayor, chief of police and alderman;

In the Village of Chataignier, qualifying will take place for mayor, chief of police and aldermen;

In the Town of Mamou, qualifying will take place for Mayor, Chief of Police and aldermen;

In the Village of Turkey Creek, qualifying will take place for Mayor, Chief of Police and Council Members;

In Ville Platte, qualifying will take place for City Court Judge, City Marshal, Mayor, Chief of Police and Aldermen.


  Keep listening each day in our news cast as we announce those who qualified.

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Ville Platte Rotary Club Hears From Supt. Hamlin


AUGUST 12, 2014


   The Rotary Club of Ville Platte today (Tuesday) heard from Superintendent of Schools Toni Hamlin report on the start of school that begins Thursday for public school students in Evangeline Parish. She announced that Evangeline Parish Schools will be featured Wednesday morning on TV 10 during Passe Partout from 5;30-7:00am. She announced that the school board has adopted a new math text book that will have an on line tutorial program to assist students and parents. The board  had difficulty this school term  finding elementary school instructors. Fewer young people are going into education so there is a shortage of teachers in the work force. Some 6200 students will report to school on Thursday. She introduced two guests at Rotary: Linda Lafleur, Elementary Supervisor and Connie Guillory, supervisor in charge of technology. Hamlin said the school district will have one million dollars less in operating funds this school term. The school district spends 80 percent of its funds in salaries with a total of 800 employees.

   In other business, the Rotary Club received a report from Faith House. Annette Johnson who is the chairperson in charge of assisting Faith House through Rotary, announced the local office could use office supplies and monetary donations.

   Also, Wayne Vidrine reported that the Ville Platte Club now has some 60 flags from other rotary clubs. One of the club’s projects is to replace as many of the 200 club flags that were lost in a fire at the club’s previous meeting place.

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Evangeline Parish Police Jury Salutes Mamou Pitching Machine Team

August 11, 2014

The Evangeline Parish Police Jury held its monthly meeting tonight (Monday) in the courthouse.  There was celebration in the courtroom as President, Ryan Ardoin, and the police jury announced a proclamation declaring August 11, 2014 as Mamou Machine Pitch Dixie Youth World Champion’s Day.  The coaches and players along parents and siblings congratulated the boys on a job well done.

The jury unanimously approved the naming of three roads that were not on the previous list of approvals:

In Ward 7 (Juror, Bryan Vidrine) – Rue de Ti’et

Ward 9 (Juror, Richard Thomas) – Padre Lane (pAdre)

Ward 5 (Juror, Kevin Veillon) – Robkin Road was renamed Tatman Lane

City Engineer, Ronnie Landreneau, announced that the pavilion in Crooked Creek should be completed by October 1st.  He was not sure what the booking process will be, but said he will have more information in approximately 2 weeks.  He did say that it would be good for the jury and Crooked Creek if they were able to get it booked for at least a couple of months this season.

Secretary-Treasurer, Donald Bergeron, announced that the 2% sales tax collections were $254,432.28. That is down 8.9% from this time last year.

He also announced that The National Association of Counties has appointed two of the police jurors to a leadership committee on a national level.  Congratulations to Jurors, Bryan Vidrine and Eric Soileau for those appointments.

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Evangeline Parish School Board Hears Possible Transportation Headaches Due to New State Law

August 6, 2014

The Evangeline Parish School Board held its bi-monthly meeting last night and the Board unanimously approved the third step in obtaining the $2,450,000.00 previously voted on to improve technology in Evangeline Parish schools and prepare for the possibility of the Common Core and the Parc Assessment to be implemented.  The matter goes before the Bonding Commission on August 21, 2014.


Regarding the Common Core issue, Superintendent, Toni Hamlin said that Bobby Jindal has now filed a Petition with the courts asking for an injunction to be issued blocking any testing in Louisiana involving Common Core.  We will continue to keep you updated on the situation.


Mrs. Hamlin and the Board discussed Act 654 passed by the legislature which would greatly impact school transportation in the parish should it take effect.  The law provides that no child can ever cross any road in order to ride a school bus.  Mrs. Hamlin pointed out that the law was originally intended to be used in New Orleans parish, but the wording is such that it affects all parishes.  If the law stands, the impact could be tremendous with uncertain pick-up and drop-off times, as well as a huge spike in fuel costs.  She explained that the law does not provide a deadline in which the changes would need to take place, and because of that she asked the Board for approval to begin a study with the staff and First Student to determine what it would actually take to comply.  She stated that other parishes are doing the same thing.  The board unanimously voted to begin the study.  Mrs. Hamlin did state that she believes the legislator who wrote the bill will come back in January to amend it so parishes such as Evangeline would not be affected by it.  She stated that Evangeline Parish already tries to follow such guidelines to keep the children safe.


Mrs. Hamlin said that teacher in-service is currently ongoing and that next Tuesday and Wednesday, all teachers are to report to work.

The first day of school will be August 14th.

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Ville Platte City Council Meeting

August 5, 2014

The Ville Platte City Council held its monthly meeting last night in City Hall.  The Council approved the replacement of street signs in the city that are either non-existent or illegible with the new English and French street signs, which are red and include the city symbol as well as the Fleur de Lis.  The city has been in contact with Codofil out of Lafayette and they have agreed to help with the proper pronunciation and spelling of the street names.  Codofil also stated they will look into trying to help fund some of the project as well, but does not know if that will happen.  

There was a celebration in City Hall as the Louisiana Rockets were recognized for their tremendous achievements in Las Vegas at the AAU - Boys Basketball


The 8th Grade boys came in 1st place in the tournament and the 6th grade boys came in 4th place.  The boys, coaches and parents endured a 36 hour bus drive to arrive at the tournament in Las Vegas and have now been asked to play in Hawaii next year because of their achievements.

Mayor, Jennifer Vidrine, reported that the Sales Tax Revenues for the month of June were up 14.22% and she thanked everyone for their continued efforts to shop locally.  Revenues have been up for the last 7-8 months.

The mayor congratulated Carlton and Francis Doucet for receiving the Channel 10 “60 Minute Miracle” award.  They received $500.00 cash.  Mr. & Mrs. Doucet are now raising their daughter’s 9 children ages 1-14 after their daughter was killed.

She also reported that credit cards will begin to be accepted soon to pay your utility bills.  You will also be able to make those payments online.  More information will be forthcoming.

Wresting is coming to Ville Platte on September 6th and will be at Ville Platte High.  They are expecting names like “Hacksaw Jim Dugan”.  Tickets on the floor will be $15.00 and in the bleachers, $10.00.  All proceeds will go to the Boys & Girls Club.

The Mayor wants to remind political candidates and anyone else putting signs up to never put signs on the Cleco utility poles.  This not safe for Cleco workers and they will be taken down.  Also, please do not put signs in the right-of-ways of Ville Platte.  The workers are having a hard time getting the grass cut.  They will not throw your signs away, but if they are picked up by workers to cut the grass, they will be held at the City Barn.

Also, Phase III of the water projects will be coming soon.  If you have had work done in front of your business or home, contractors will be coming back to do a “Final Dress Up” in the next two months.  Dirt mounds were intentionally left at sites where work was done to allow for “settling”.  They will be coming back to complete process.  This is also the case where fire hydrants have been flushed. 

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Ville Platte Rotary Club Hears from Wellness Expert


AUGUST 5, 2014


     The Rotary Club of Ville Platte today (Tuesday) had special guest Shane Darbonne, director of the Ville Platte Wellness Plus Center. Darbonne has been with the Wellness Plus center for the past 15 years. He explained the difference between health and fitness. He shared with rotary club members that appearances  can be misleading. Darbonne said there have been changes in fitness training over the years for cardio workouts and in weight training. He said the average person needs at least 7-8 hours of sleep. Darbonne was the guest of Paul Shexnayder.

    Club President David Mayeaux announced that the board approved implementing three new rotary sponsored programs: Shots for Tots with Mayor Jennifer Vidrine in charge, Rotary Club Facebook page with Mable Forman in charge and supporting Faith House with Annette Johnson in charge.

    The club will remove old rotary club signs found around town and install new signs showing the new time and location of its weekly meetings.

    Mayor Jennifer Vidrine announced that the Ville Platte 12 year old Dixie Youth All Stars will be featured in a parade at 12 noon Wednesday down Main Street. Also, the Ville Platte City Council will consider installing new street signs that will include both English and French names.

    Clerk of Court Randy Deshotel announced that Commissioner in Charge Schools will be held in the next few weeks. Commissioners are needed for the election on November 4. Commissioners are paid $200 a day. Qualifying for political candidates will be August 20-22. The chamber of commerce has scheduled a political rally August 21 at the Civic Center.

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Ville Platte Police Arrest Murder Suspect


Teamwork and quick response has resulted in an arrest for yesterday’s homicide.


The Ville Platte Police Department responded to an armed robbery call on July 28, 2014 which ended in a homicide.  Upon arrival at K&T Grocery Store on West Lincoln Road, detectives learned that the female business owner had been shot multiple times and had died as a result of her injuries.


The Evangeline Parish Sheriff’s Office, the Ville Platte City Marshals’ Office and the Louisiana State Trooper working the Evangeline Parish Area and the Evangeline Parish District Attorney’s Office responded to assist in the investigation.  Working from leads, evidence, witness information and informants, the suspect was identified and located attempting to leave the area.  Coushatta Police and the Allen Parish Sheriff’s Office  assisted in locating the suspect and the arrest. The Evangeline Parish Sheriff’s Office placed the suspect under arrest at approximately 2:30 a.m. July 29, 2014.  


With the joint efforts of these agencies was a valuable tool in solving this case quickly and he appreciates those who stepped up and worked alongside the detectives and officers of the Ville Platte Police Department.  “Without being asked these agencies showed up and jumped in to gather information as quickly as possible and help solve this case.”  “Their assistance is greatly appreciated.”



Arrested was Samuel Anderson, 30 of Laran Street, Ville Platte.  Anderson was booked into the Evangeline Parish Sheriff’s Office Jail on charges of armed robbery and first degree murder.  Anderson is currently being held without bond.

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Ville Platte Rotary Club Hears from Gene Buller


JULY  29, 2014


      The Rotary Club of Ville Platte heard from outdoorsman and newspaper columnist Gene Buller during their weekly meeting today (Tuesday). Buller is a writer for the Bonnes Nouvelles.

      Buller, at the request of Rotarian Jake Ardoin, spoke on the subject of Miller’s Lake. In the mid 1920’s, Gus Miller purchased land in the Platin area. Miller had a vision that the area could be used for future generations by fixing the drainage.

    The Miller’s Lake area takes in  the drainage for all of the northern part of Evangeline Parish. The hunting club at Miller’s Lake began in 1929 with five original members each paying $5. Gene Buller has been a member of the hunting club for the past 63 years. He has hunted  with 130 different club members in the years he has been a member.

     Buller, in the year 2000, published a book on his stories and memories of the outdoors. He shared a story when he was 7 years old, was taken on his first hunt and shot a red wing black bird with a .410 shotgun.

    He reported that Miller’s Lake has the second largest black bird roost in the country. At its height, it was estimated that 17.5 million blackbirds make Miller’s Lake their home.

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Ville Platte Police Arrest Two in 2013 Armed Robbery


Chief Neal Lartigue reports an armed robbery case dating back to 2013 has been solved.


Detectives with the Ville Platte Police Department have put in countless hours working on multiple robbery cases in which local businesses have been targeted.  Chief Lartigue is pleased to announce that persistence and diligence of the detectives have led to an arrest from a robbery of a local business on East Main Street, which dated back to September of 2013.


Jacoby Merritt 21 of 123 East Oak Street, Ville Platte was arrested on July 24, 2014 without incident.  Merritt was booked into the Ville Platte City Jail charged with armed robbery.  Merritt remains incarcerated on a $100,000.00 bond issued by John Larry Vidrine.


Joseph Deville 32 of 802 Reed Street, Ville Platte was arrested on July 24, 2014 without incident.  Deville was booked into the Ville Platte City Jail and charged with armed robbery.  Deville remains incarcerated on a $100,000.00 bond issued by Judge John Larry Vidrine.


Chief Lartigue reminds citizens to call in reports of suspicious and illegal activity.  You can report this information to the Ville Platte Police Department at 363-1313.  Your call will remain anonymous.

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Ville Platte Police searching for Murder Suspect


JULY 28, 2014


   Ville Platte City Police are investigating a shooting incident that claimed the life of the store clerk. Police Chief Neal Lartigue told KVPI News, his department was notified just before noon today (Monday) of a robbery in progress at the K&T convenience store on Lincoln. Upon arrival, police discovered the victim behind the store counter dead from apparent gunshot wounds. It is not determined if any cash was taken. Police are searching for the shooting suspect: a black male wearing a black cap, white T shirt and wearing a red bandana. After the shooting, the suspect left on a blue Schwinn bicycle. Two eyewitnesses were ordered to leave the store by the apparent suspect. The body of the victim has been sent to have an autopsy as ordered by Coroner Dr. Charles Fontenot. Twelve years ago, a shooting took place in the same store where the store owner at the time shot and killed a robbery suspect. Chief Lartigue said police have a suspect in mind and they are currently searching for him.

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Dixie Youth Radio Thon Planned Over kVPI


JULY 28, 2014


    KVPI AM and FM will be sponsoring a radio-thon fund raiser for the Ville Platte 12 year old Dixie Major all stars Monday August 4 from 1:00-4;00pm here at our studios.  The entire team along with coaches and parents will be here making an appeal to listeners who wish to make a donation. The donations will be picked up by the players in their game uniforms. All of the money raised will go to help pay some of the travel expenses for the team. The team won the state championship last weekend and will travel to participate in the Dixie Youth World Series in Lexington, South Carolina beginning August 9. Parents will be here to take your phone called pledges at 363-2124. Be sure to listen in and please be generous.

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Ville Platte Rotary Club Hears from Farm Bureau President Richard Fontenot


JULY 22, 2014


     The Ville Platte Rotary Club today (Tuesday) heard from Richard Fontenot, President of the Evangeline Parish Farm Bureau. Fontenot , a fifth generation farmer in Evangeline Parish, also serves on Farm Bureau’s Mutual Board and is a District Five Board Member representing our area on a national level. Farm Bureau is an organization that is considered the voice of Louisiana agriculture.

    Fontenot said the number one crop in Evangeline Parish is rice followed surprisingly by horses. Cattle production is number three followed by forestry at the number four position. Statewide, forestry production is number one. Ten percent of the rice crop in the state is produced here in Evangeline Parish.

   He praised State Representative Bernard LeBas for his leadership in helping the rice industry through the check off program.

   Fontenot said the new farm bill is not friendly to Louisiana producers because it removes all direct payments and relies more on crop insurance.

   His outlook for the crops this year: rice will be good, soybeans average to above average and cattle prices will be surging.

   In an answer to a question about a young person wanting to get into agriculture production, he said it would very difficult to get the financing. The high costs for equipment and land is prohibitive for many people. For example, a new combine could be as high as $500,000 and a new tractor could be around $200,000.

   Fontenot was the special guest of Rotarian Jeremy Ortego.

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Ville Platte Police Make Addtional Arrests in Fighting Incident

Chief Neal Lartigue with the Ville Platte Police Department reports additional charges filed in July 4th incident.


The Ville Platte Police Department has charged 4 more people in the previously reported incident of July 4th, 2014.  As the investigation continued and more information and videos were shared with detectives, additional people were brought in for questioning and subsequently charged.  The following were charged with disturbing the peace by fighting.


Charged were: Carrie Fruge 23 of 723 South Dupre Street, Ville Platte

                        Deandre Dangerfield 20, of 1614 Amy Street, Ville Platte

                        Constance Spriggins 21, of 249 Lithcote Road, Ville Platte

                        Makeisha Fruge  22 of 1114 Peach Street, Ville Platte


All 4 have since posted their bond of $10,000.00 each issued by Judge John Larry Vidrine.


Chief Lartigue reminds citizens to remember to check all windows and doors on homes vehicles and out buildings to make sure they are locked and secure to prevent thefts.  If you see suspicious activity or know of illegal activity please call the Ville Platte Police Department at 363-1313.  Your call will remain anonymous.

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Evangeline School Board Issues 2.5 Million in Revenue Bonds for Technology

July 16, 2014

Evangeline Parish School Board


The Evangeline Parish School Board held its meeting last night wherein a Resolution was passed giving preliminary approval to the issuance of, not to exceed, Two Million Five Hundred Thousand Dollars ($2,500,000) of Limited Tax Revenue Bonds for the purpose of paying for the costs of data distribution including servers, external and internal wiring, switches and related equipment for Evangeline Parish Schools.  These changes will bring technology to a new level in the schools and will help prepare for the upcoming changes in how children are tested.


Board Member, David Landreneau, reported that he and other board members, along with Superintendent, Toni Hamlin, visited the Extended School Year Program at the old Mamou High Upper building.  They visited a class of students with disabilities consisting of seven students.  Mr. Landreneau reported that the facility they are now in has “fallen through the cracks” during all of the projects that have being taking place.  The building is in need of a suspended ceiling, insulation, heating in the winter and cooling in the summer.  He asked the board to pass a Resolution to get quotes and begin on those renovations soon.  The Board unanimously agreed to pass the requested resolution.  The resolution also provides for the superintendent’s office to schedule to have the improvements done once quotes are received.


Assistant Superintendent, Darwan Lazard, reported that the projects around the parish schools are coming along very nicely and they hope to have them finished before the beginning of school.  He thanked the board for funding the projects, which includes new windows and some doors at Bayou Chicot Elementary and new lighting at Mamou Elementary.  He also thanked Mike Hazleton for doing great work with the small crew he has.  They have worked on special projects as well as other maintenance.  He thanked him for the leadership he gives to his crew.  

Superintendent, Toni Hamlin, noted that she will be placing a pilot program into place this year at a couple of schools.  She said she will be putting some of those who have completed their Educational Leadership Certification into Administrative Assistant roles so they can learn all facets of running a school.  She noted the complexity of running a school and this program would assist principals in daily administration work, along with providing mentoring and a ton of experience to the new administrative assistants.

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Ville Platte Chamber Hears New Book Authors


JULY 16, 2014


     The Ville Platte Chamber of Commerce today (Wednesday) heard from Jane Vidrine and Jean Kiesel, the authors of the book on “Evangeline Parish”. The new book is available at several shops in the parish and the response has been great.

     Chamber Executive Director Camille Fontenot reported that the chamber plans to sponsor a political rally August 21 beginning at 5;00pmn at the Ville Platte Civic Center . The event will be free to the public. Political candidates who wish to sponsor a table and speak to the public will be charged $150. Refreshments will be sold. It will be a fund raiser for the chamber. Clerk of Court Randy Deshotel will be the emcee for the event.

    In other business, it was announced:

--the old Wal Mart location has been purchased by the Herbert Brown family and will be opened as a clothing warehouse outlet store sometime in November;

--received a report that the summer reading program sponsored by the public library has been very successful. Some 8000 books have been circulated. There are two weeks left in the program. The move into the new library facility is expected in mid August;

--there are still a few seats available for the two chamber bus trips to see the Bob Hope show in New Orleans in September and to Phantom of the Opera in November;

--ribbon cutting of the new La Tee Da gift boutique is July 18 at 11:30am;

--a re-dedication ceremony at Village De Memoire July 23 at 11;00am ;

--a fishing tournament and family fun day sponsored by the Ville Platte Fire Department is planned for August 9.

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Evangeline Police Jury Addressed Abandoned Properties Tuesday Night


July 16, 2014 
  The Evangeline Parish Police Jury held its monthly meeting last night and the Jury handled a long list of issues 
within the parish.  A main topic of discussion was “nuisance properties”.  The Police Jury has been tackling 
unsafe, uninhabitable, abandoned dwellings and property.  Notices have been sent to landowners with a 
notice to clean up property, including cutting tall grass, and/or repairing or tearing down dwellings that are in 
poor to dangerous conditions. 
  The Jury voted to now “move along” with correcting these properties that 
have not been taken care of by the owner.  Following Section 12-31 of state law, the Jury will send out new 
notices to the property owners informing the owner it has a certain amount of time to have the repairs made.  
If after that time the clean-up in not performed, the Parish will move forward with performing the task itself.  
      The cost of the repairs or clean-up will then be passed along to the property owner through a lien on the 
property which will be attached to the next year’s property tax bill.  The following properties were discussed 
by the jury and unanimously approved to begin the process: 
1040 Campbell Ave., (Kennedy Subdivision) 
1824 Boozo Street (Between Mamou and Redel) 
1024, 1026 and 1032 Oat Pass Street (Eugene Subdivision off of the Vidrine Road) 
145 Candy Lane (Off the Vidrine Road) 
Property located behind 2088 Hwy. 106 (Black Lake Road, St. Landry) 
535 Sandy Street, Ville Platte 
1360 T-Mamou Road 
1013 CJ Avenue 
4062 Chatagnier Road 
1099 Robert F. Kennedy 
Citizens from these areas were in attendance at the meeting. 
   The President of 911, Kent Fontenot and Pat Derousselle addressed the Jury regarding the new 911 building 
currently under plan.  The building will be approximately 8,000 square ft. and it will be a $1.6 million project.  
They are looking at 2 acres of land in Industrial Park.  They now have bid-specs and they are anticipating 
those being in the paper this Thursday.  Mr. Fontenot advised that opening bids for the project will begin 
August 19th.  The project has been planned for 10 years and Mr. Fontenot reported “We have worked hard to 
save our money to do this…so we are going to do it right.”  Eric Lafleur is currently working with them on a 
bond issue to pay for a portion of the project, although that amount is not known as of yet.  The building is 
going to be able to handle  category three hurricane conditions and will keep workers who are in the facility safe 
for 3-4 days.  
  Derousselle said they want it to be a workable, taskable building that will allow emergency 
personnel from all over to come together and make sure they get emergency services provided as fast as they 
can.  This includes emergency medical crews, The National Guard and State Police. 
Jury Member, Bryan Vidrine, announced the upcoming opening of a “Paint Ball” facility that is being opened 
in Turkey Creek.  “Gobble Gully” is set to open in the next couple of weeks.  We will bring you more 
information on that.


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Kermit Miller Shares History of Jack Miller BBQ Sauce to Rotary Club


JULY  15, 2014


    The Ville Platte Rotary Club today (Tuesday) heard from Rotarian Kermit Miller share the history of his family’s business. American Inn Inc. is celebrating its 73rd year in business this year. The business began as a restaurant operated by Kermit’s father, Jack Miller. Jack Miller began marketing his BBQ sauce 59 years ago.

   The  company has a staff of 5 people and produces 2-3,000 bottles a day. The business was originally at the Pigstand restaurant and later moved to a location on East Main street. In 1980, the company moved to its current location on Jack Miller road.

   American Inn produces Jack Miller BBQ Sauce, Seasoning Mix and dipping sauce.

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