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Pine Prairie Police arrest suspect on criminal trespassing and mischief charges

On Friday September 18th, 2020 Pine Prairie Police was notified about a white male going to several houses in town around 1:30 a.m., standing in the yards and attempting to open the doors to the residences. Through security surveillance, the suspect was identified as Thomas E. Vidrine age 40 of 1430 First Street Pine Prairie. An arrest warrant was issued by Judge Ortego with a $7,500 bond and on the morning of September 22, 2020 Officers on patrol was able to locate Thomas in his front yard where he was arrested without incident. Thomas was booked into the Evangeline Parish Jail on 2 counts of Criminal Trespassing and 2 counts of Criminal Mischief. Chief Deshotel reminds the public to report suspicious activity to his department.

ATV theft Suspects arrested by sheriff's office

Sheriff Charles R. Guillory, of the Evangeline Parish Sheriff’s Office releases the following: Evangeline Parish Sheriff’s Office continues to make progress with the rash of ATV thefts from over the summer. Investigations Department has been exhausting all means of attempting to recover as many stolen ATV’s from the rash of ATV and vehicle thefts during the summer. Throughout the summer several Evangeline Parish residences, have been victims of ATV and vehicle thefts. Detectives with the Evangeline Parish Sheriff’s Office immediately began investigating all reports putting in countless hours of work. During the investigation detectives were able to recover 5 ATV’s. There were a total of 5 arrest made along with the recoveries. Evangeline Parish Sheriff’s Office would like to thank the Public for their assistance with the releasing of information that often led to the recovery of the ATVs. Evangeline Parish Sheriff’s Office is always seeking information on criminal activity and urges the Public to contact the Evangeline Parish Sheriff’s Office Investigation Department via phone at 337-363-2161 or through the agency’s website at www.evangelineparishsheriff.org. Any person reporting information will always remain anonymous. Investigations are still ongoing at this time, and pending more arrest. The following subjects were arrested and charged by the Evangeline Parish Sherriff’s Office. All subjects are awaiting bond amounts. Jimmy Richardson-possession of stolen things (ATV); Kmohne Young charged with Principal to possession of stolen things (ATV); Haley Richardson charged with accessory after the Fact; Taylor Frank charged with Accessory after the Fact and Charles Jason previously arrested charged with possession of stolen things (ATV).

Armed Robbery at Local Pharmacy

Sheriff Charles R. Guillory, of the Evangeline Parish Sheriff's Office releases the following: VILLE PLATTE, LA - Evangeline Parish Sheriff's Office Investigators continue to search for the person who robbed The Medicine Chest Pharmacy at gunpoint in a Chipmunk outfit. The robbery occurred just after 12:00 p.m. Saturday, September 19, at the Medicine Chest located at 409 E. Lincoln Road. Surveillance video showed an armed suspect, in a Chipmunk outfit running from the store's parking lot to the rear door of the store, forcing an employee back inside. Once inside the suspect escorted the employee through the store at gunpoint as she filled his bag with an undisclosed amount of narcotic medication. After getting the undisclosed amount of medicine from the employee, the suspect walked out of the rear door of the store, and ran westbound towards a nearby apartment complex. This investigation is still active and ongoing. If anyone has information about this armed robbery is asked to contact Evangeline Parish Sheriff's Office Investigators at 337-363-2161 or via our agency's website at www.evangelineparishsheriff.org. Evangeline Parish Sheriff's Office is always seeking information on criminal activity and urges the Public to contact the Evangeline Parish Sheriff's Office Investigation Department via phone at 337-363-2161 or through the agency's website at www.evangelineparishsheriff.org. Any person reporting information will always remain anonymous.

Evangeline Parish School Board discusses Athletics at Wednesday's Meeting

The Evangeline Parish School Board on Wednesday, September 16th discussed how COVID-19 will potentially affect the upcoming sports season. Superintendent Darwan Lazard is concerned that spectators will be limited to 25% capacity, minimizing revenue. Expenses for the programs will not change, but the income will be only a fraction of what it usually is. An allocation of funding may later have to be addressed for schools to continue the programs this year. Currently, Lazard is working with Chief Financial Officer Amy Lafleur to see where budgets can be stretched, though he predicts that he will eventually have to present to the board a motion to allow additional funding. The board was in support of this potential action. In a show of support for the kids and these programs, the schoolboard has chosen to decline the free event tickets gifted to them each season. Darwan Lazard would like to remind everyone that things are changing everyday and that nothing is certain at this time. District 6, Ward 3 Board Member Mike Fontenot requested on behalf of the public that board meetings be publicized via some social media platform like Facebook or YouTube. Superintendent Lazard stated that the reason why previous meetings were broadcasted was because they were virtual meetings—the current meetings are no longer virtual. No solutions were decided on, but no one from the public was present at Wednesday’s meeting despite available seats. An email sent to Superintendent Lazard indicated that the hotspots expected by the schoolboard are being shipped today, September 17th, from Texas. In other news, the board: • Accepted ratification of a quote for 10 A/C window units for warehouse stock • Accepted ratification of a quote for two replacement A/C units requested by Mamou Elementary School cafeteria • Approved $9,090 for desks at Mamou Jr. High School and $15,450 for student email filtering for grades 6-12

French Immersion Teachers Visit KVPI La Tasse de Cafe Wednesday Morning

We had very special visitors live in our studios during our KVPI La Tasse de Cafe radio show this morning with Charlie and Mark.. Assistant Superintendent of Schools Mike Lombas introduced the four French Immersion teachers assigned to Mamou elementary school: Vincent Martin who will teach fourth grade students and his wife Camille who will teach kindergarten students, Marion Jacob will teach First grade students and Melissa Wilmart, a Third grade instructor. Melissa hails from Belgium while the other three teachers come from France. All of us at KVPI would to welcome them to Cajun country. For those of you who missed the La Tasse show this morning with our French Immersion teachers, we have uploaded the entire show as a podcast. Follow this link to listen to the show at our website: https://classichits925.com/podcas…/la-tasse-de-cafe-archives

Ville Platte Rotary Club hears from Family Nurse Practitioner Brooklyn Latour

The Ville Platte Rotary Club today (Tuesday) heard from Brooklyn Latour, Family Nurse Practitioner from Mercy Regional Medical Center. She announced to Rotary Club members that her Latour Family Healthcare office is open at 504 Jack Miller Road, Suite One next to Dr. Alvarez’s office. She is a primary care provider. She specializes in Family Care for patients of all ages. She announced that that she specializes in diabetes, high blood pressure, allergies, hearing loss and ear infections. She can also do wellness exams and physicals. She was the special guest of Rotarian Mitch Fontenot. Club President Peter Strawitz reminded club members that the donations are being accepted to purchase needed supplies for victims of the recent hurricane in the Lake Charles area. The rotary board has agreed to match up to $1500 for all club member donations.

Tournoi Eliminations September 13, 2020

The 2020 Tournoi Eliminations took place Sunday at the Ward One Industrial Park Track. Here are the riders who will be competing in this year’s Tournoi run: the father and son team of Cody Manuel and Garrett Manuel, Brandon Snoke, Cody Guillory, Nick Miller, William Fontenot, Shane Deville, Bryan Fontenot, Ben Aguillard and Chuck Manuel. Several of these riders are rookies with the Tournoi. These ten riders will join the top finishers from last year’s Tournoi: Champ- Eric Guillory, Alex Haller, Ryan Haller, Marcus Guillory, John Ross Guillory, Kent Saucier,, Shane Lee, Paul Fontenot and Keith Saucier. The running of the Tournoi will take place Sunday October 18 at 2;00pm at the Industrial Park. The public is invited to attend. KVPI FM will be there to cover the event live for our listeners.

Ville Platte City Council honors Ville Platte Girls all stars at Tuesday night meeting

At the regular monthly meeting Tuesday evening, Mayor Jennifer Vidrine announced that the City of Ville Platte was approved for a grant of nearly $171,000 to install energy efficient lights in all municipal buildings. The project, funded by the Louisiana Public Service Commission, will start in about two weeks. The mayor also announced continued progress on improving the city’s image through the demolition of abandoned property. She said that in the last nine weeks, 21 properties have been demolished, and that 30 more letters were sent out to property owners this week. Since last September, the City has cleaned up 146 properties. However, the mayor noted, there are still more than 300 properties on the list. Once abandoned or overgrown property has been identified, the City sends certified letters to the owners telling them that they must demolish and clean up the property. If the owner does not do the clean up in the specified amount of time, then the City does the work. However, the cost of the demolition is added onto the owner’s tax bill. “I encourage all property owners to take care of the problem, rather than wait for the City to do it,” Vidrine urged. “If the City has to do it, it will be more expensive than just getting it done yourself.” The mayor said that while some property owners do the work themselves, most end up waiting until the City has to do it. Vidrine also praised both the city workers and CLECO for their work before and after Hurricane Laura. In addition, she said that a city crew is cleaning up the Old Ville Platte Cemetery; but, she urged residents to stop littering. “I took a walk in the graveyard today,” she said. “You should see all the beer cans, and Popeye’s boxes, and other items that won’t be mentioned in this meeting, that litter the graveyard. We shouldn’t litter anywhere, but in the cemetery. Please have more respect than that.” Fire Chief Fabien Poullard reported that firemen went to Lake Charles on Saturday to deliver supplies and provide hot lunches. All of the firemen who weren’t on duty volunteered to go. More than 700 meals were provided, along with cleaning supplies, sanitizer, masks, and tarps. Fabien said that the fire department is planning another trip, and that he would announce the details once they have been finalized. The Council declared Tuesday, Sept. 8, 2020, as the “Ville Platte Girls, Softball Day” in honor of the Ville Platte Pride softball team, which won the Fastpitch America Softball Association World Series last month. Assistant Coach David LaHaye accepted framed proclamations on behalf of the team and coaches.

Cameron officials speak at Rotary Club meeting

Rotary Club hears from Cameron Schlumberger Officials September 7, 2020 Billy Fontenot, plant manager of the Ville Platte Cameron-Schlumberger manufacturing facility was the guest speaker at today’s (Tuesday’s) meeting of the Ville Platte Rotary Club meeting. Fontenot said the Cameron plant will begin manufacturing a new ball valve for the oil and gas industry. Schlumberger closed the Little Rock plant and is moving their Orbit Ball valve operations to Ville Platte. By adding this product line from Little Rock, some 40-50 jobs will be retained at the Ville Platte plant. Engineer Kyle Mouton displayed the new Orbit ball valve in Ville Platte. Some 30-50 pieces of equipment have moved from Little Rock to Ville Platte . The new manufacturing line should be fully functioning by October. Now, Cameron of Ville Platte will be building 6-7 product lines of ball valves and will be a flagship facility for Cameron and Shlumberger. Fontenot said 2020 was a challenging year for the plant and for the industry showing the biggest downturn since the 1980’s. The additional product line is encouraging news for the 265 employees currently employed. In other Rotary news, Club President Peter Strawitz: -announced that the board approved making a $250 donation to purchase disinfectant spray cans for Heritage Manor Nursing Home; --challenged board members to raise $1500 with the board matching that amount to purchase needed supplies for needy families in the Deridder, Dequincy and Leesville areas impacted by the recent hurricane.

Pine Prairie Police arrest burglary suspect

On Sunday September 6, 2020 Pine Prairie Police Officer Cheree Eckhart was patrolling the jurisdiction and observed a male subject at Investar Bank during non business hours. The subject, later identified as Brandon Paul Sauseda, age 23 of Marksville was barefoot and had no shirt on. Officer Eckhart made contact with Sauseda, who appeared to be under the influence of an intoxicating substance. Sauseda said that he was at the bank to pick up a vehicle that his brother left for him. Sauseda had a black plastic bag and showed Officer Eckhart vehicle paperwork that belonged to Fuselier’s Pharmacy. During the field interview Eckhart was able to determine that the paperwork was taken from the pharmacy’s delivery vehicle. Sauseda admitted to going through the vehicle to look for the key. Sauseda was advised of his rights per Miranda and detained. Eckhart made contact with the owner of the vehicle, who stated that Sauseda did not have permission to access the vehicle. Officers with Turkey Creek Police arrived on scence and rendered assistance. Sauseda was advised that he was under arrest, at which time he resisted the Officers. Sauseda was taken into custody and transported to Pine Prairie Police Department for processing. During booking, Sauseda attempted to bribe the Officers in exchange for his release. A warrant for the arrest of Brandon Paul Sauseda was issued for violating LaRS 14:62 Simple Burglary, LaRS 14:67 Theft under $500, LaRS 14:108 Resisting Arrest and LaRS 14:118 Public Bribery. Sauseda was transported and booked into the Evangeline Parish Jail with a $45,000 bond. Pine Prairie Police Chief LC Deshotel would like to thank the public for their continued support and to report any suspicious activity. Pine Prairie Police would also like to thank Turkey Creek Police for their assistance.

Turkey Creek Drug Arrest

During the early morning hours of September 4, 2020 Officers with the Turkey Creek Police Department made a stop with a white male, later identified as Jody Paul Clark age 23 of 1156 Lake Cove Road, Ville Platte for equipment violations related to LaRS 32:329. Clark became extremely nervous during the stop and appeared as if he was going to run from the Officer. Clark was observed pulling a plastic baggie from his right front pocket, at which time he was instructed to the ground. Clark refused to comply with the Officer and the K9 was introduced. Clark laid down on the ground and placed the baggie into his mouth and swallowed it. Clark later admitted to the Officers that he swallowed a small bag of Marijuana. Pine Prairie Police Officer Cheree Eckhart arrived on scene to assist. Clark was advised of his rights per Miranda and taken into custody without incident. An arrest warrant was issued for LaRS 14:108 resisting an officer, LaRS 14:130.1 obstruction of justice and LaRS 40:1023 possession of drug paraphernalia. Clark was transported to the Turkey Creek Police Department for processing and received a medical evaluation by paramedics with Acadian Ambulance. While preparing Clark for transport to Evangeline Parish Jail, Clark was able to manipulate the back door of the Police Unit and escaped custody. A short foot pursuit ensued, but Clark was quickly apprehended. During the apprehension, Clark resisted arrest and attempted to disarm a Police Officer. Clark received additional charges of LaRS 14:110 Simple Escape, LaRS 14:108 resisting an Officer and 14:27.34.6 attempting to disarm a police officer. Clark was transported and booked into the Evangeline Parish Jail on a $21,000 bond for the above charges. Turkey Creek Police Chief Shawn Eckhart would like to thank the public for their continued support and to report all suspicious activity. Chief Eckhart would also like to thank Pine Prairie Police Department for their assistance.

Ville Platte Rotary Club hears from KVPI staff about La Tasse de Cafe

Members of the KVPI announcing staff were the guest speakers at today’s (Tuesday) meeting of the Ville Platte Rotary Club. The hosts of KVPI’s popular “La Tasse de Café” radio show each spoke and shared their thoughts and stories about the call-in bilingual show. Charlie Manuel, Mike Perron and Mark Layne each spoke. Host Jim Soileau did not attend because of illness. The long running show expanded to now run five days a week effective today (Tuesday) from 8-9am. The show earlier this year was awarded the “Uniquely Louisiana” award by the Louisiana Association of Broadcasters. The speakers were guests of Rotarian Brent Coreil who was in charge of the program.

Pine Prairie Police arrest a Eunice man on burglary charges

Pine Prairie Police arrested and charged a Eunice man in connection with a burglary at a residence in May. Brandon Scott Darbonne age 35 of Eunice was arrested and charged with Simple Burglary and Theft on August 28, His bond was set at $40,000 set by Judge Gary Ortego. Pine Prairie Police Chief L.C. Deshotel said the arrest was in connection for the May 4 residential burglary, Acadia Parish Sheriff's Office made contact with the suspect due to a traffic violation where he was arrested on the Pine Prairie charges.. Chief Deshotel would like to thank the Acadia Parish Sheriff Office for their help in locating the suspect.

Evangeline Parish Schools remain closed through Friday and wil reopen Monday

Schools remain closed in Evangeline Parish till Monday August 27, 2020 KVPI News has learned Sacred Heart and Evangeline Parish Public Schools will remain closed on Friday and reopen on Monday. Supt. Of Schools Darwan Lazard told KVPI News that “all public schools will be closed Friday. We anticipate opening schools on Monday. All campus administrators, custodians, cafeteria staff members as well as pupil appraisal, all maintenance staff and other district office personnel are expected to report to work on Friday August 28. Please check our website at spsb.com, our Facebook page and local media for updates.” Sacred Heart School Development Director Kimberly LeJeune told KVPI News “ With the approval of the Bishop, Sacred Heart Schools will be closed Friday and will resume classes on Monday. We hope everyone is safe and continued prayers for all those affected.”

Rotary Club hears from Lisa Derouen of the Evangeline Council on Aging

The Ville Platte Rotary Club today (Tuesday) heard from guest speaker, Lisa Derouen, Executive Director of the Evangeline Parish Council on Aging. Derouen has been serving as director for the past ten years. The council on aging was formed in 1971 and is a private non-profit agency serving seniors, age 60 and older, throughout the parish with a range of services. Their funding sources come from state and federal agencies as well as funding through a local property millage tax. Their services include: meals both at the homes of seniors and in a congregate setting. They deliver 330 meals a day five days a week. The congregate meals are served for seniors at Village de Memoire, Martin Luther King Center, Savoy Heights , Basile and Pine Prairie. Evangeline Council on Aging also offers transportation services for the elderly and the general public using eight vehicles. The agency also offers home making services such as cleaning house, sitter and grocery shopping. All of the clients of Council on Aging services are age based and not determined by income. Derouen mentioned that the Senior Center at Village de Memoire offers congregate meals, bingo games and regular scheduled guest speakers and birthday parties. The center is now closed due to Covid-19. The agency employs some 60-70 workers, mostly part time. She was the guest speaker of Rotarian Bob Buroker. In other action, KVPI General Manager introduced two new full members of the staff: John Hadley, sales account representative and Claire Vidrine, DJ/Announcer.

Evangeline Public Schools will be Open Again Tuesday

Evangeline Parish Public Schools Scheduled to Open Tuesday August 24, 2020 Evangeline Parish Supt. Of Schools Darwan Lazard reported to KVPI News that Evangeline Parish public schools will be open for classes on Tuesday. That is unless the weather downgrades significantly from the current forecast. His statement, “All campuses in the Evangeline Parish School District will be open for a full day of classes Tuesday. We will continue monitoring the weather for Wednesday.” The schools closed today at noon with news of the approaching hurricanes. Sacred Heart High and Elementary along with all schools in the Diocese of Lafayette through Thursday due to the hurricanes. They are due to resume classes on Friday.

Evangeline Parish Public Schools will dismiss at noon Monday

Evangeline Parish Public Schools will dismiss at noon Monday August 23, 2020 KVPI News has been notified by Evangeline Parish Supt. Of Schools Darwan Lazard that due to the approaching two storms, public schools in the parish will dismiss at noon on Monday. Here is the statement: “After receiving information from the weather professionals, state and local emergency preparedness officials and other stakeholders, all Evangeline Parish School District campuses will dismiss students, teachers and certain campus personnel at noon on Monday, August 24 in preparation for the approaching storms (Marco and Laura). Campus administrators, counselors, secretaries, custodians and all personnel in district offices will be dismissed by 2:00pm., Out goal is to keep all school employees and students safe. As additional information becomes available, we will assess our local situation and make decisions regarding Tuesday and the rest of the week.”

No classes at Sacred Heart due to the approaching hurricanes

According to Sacred Heart Development Director Kimberly LeJeune: "In the interest of everyone’s safety, both during and after the storms, All Catholic schools in the Diocese of Lafayette including Sacred Heart will be closed Monday, August 24th, through Thursday, August 27th with classes resuming on Friday, August 28th. Parents are asked to continue to monitor their school’s communications system for updates and relevant information over the coming days as we continue to monitor the approach of Marcos and Laura. We continue to pray for the safety of all during this weather event."

Sandbags available in Ville Platte and through the parish for the approaching storms

   Vile Platte Mayor Jennifer Vidrine and Evangeline Parish Police Jury President Ryan Williams are both urging parish residents to prepare now for the two two storms predicted to strike the state. If you need sand bags,  Ville Platte residents who are able bodied citizens, please bring your owns shovels to the Girls and Boys place at 220 South Thompson. Bags will be provided for you to bag your own sandbags. For seniors and those who need assistance, go to the City Barn at 810 West Hicktory and assistance will be provided. Jury President  Williams urges residents that the police jury will be issuing sand bags at their Region A yard located in the Ward One Industrial Park right next to the 911/OEP office starting Monday morning.

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