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Celebrity Chef David Chang wins 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire''s top prize for restaurant workers hurt by COVID-19

ABC/John Fleenor(LOS ANGELES) -- Celebrity chef, restaurateur, and Ugly Delicious host David Chang snagged the top prize on Who Wants to be a Millionaire? on ABC Sunday night -- but it's restaurant workers who will benefit. 

Chang's jackpot will be donated to the Southern Smoke Foundation, which is dedicated to helping restaurant workers in need -- and thanks to the pandemic shutdowns, that's no small number. 

On the million-dollar question, Chang called upon ESPN personality Mina Kimes for help; she correctly advised him how to answer this: "Which U.S. president was the first to have electricity in the White House?" 

"No celebrity in the 20 years that this show has been on has ever won the million dollars," host Jimmy Kimmel warned before Chang pulled the trigger with the right answer Kimes gave: Benjamin Harrison.

In response, the charity tweeted its gratitude to Kimes and Chang, noting, "This is going to change so many peoples' lives for the better!" along with the hashtag, "#takingcareofourown."


By Stephen Iervolino
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Star Wars' newest villain, 'The Mandalorian' star Giancarlo Eposito, "really adored" Darth Vader

Disney (NEW YORK) -- Over the weekend, Star Wars fans lost David Prowse, the towering former bodybuilder who filled the unmistakable black suit of Darth Vader in the original trilogy. He was 85. 

Standing 6'6' in his prime, and even taller thanks to Vader's hissing helmet, Prowse's presence sent shivers down the spines of millions of moviegoers when he first appeared in the opening moments of 1977's Star Wars: Episode IV -- A New Hope.

One of those moviegoers was Giancarlo Esposito, who, years later, has been passed the torch of Star Wars villainy, thanks to his role as the calculating Moff Gideon in The Mandalorian

Moff Gideon's black on black armor is reminiscent of Vader's, which was amazing, says Epsosito, who recently earned an Emmy nomination for his performance in the Disney series' first season finale.

"I was so excited to wear a cape!" the Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul vet enthused to ABC Audio. "You know, when I was a kid and watching Star Wars ... people with capes had a little bit of aristocratic power and were also able to really bring the characterization through the costume," he explained.

"My references were Darth Vader, who I really adored in the earlier movies just because of his powerful presence, and James Earl Jones' [voice] and that incredible costume, which is just so far out. A throwback to old times, or is it really throw forward to contemporary times?" 

A new episode of The Mandalorian drops Friday on Disney .  Disney is the parent company of ABC News.

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RIP "Jeans Guy" -- Errant 'Mandalorian' crew member is deleted

Disney (LOS ANGELES) -- Gone, but not forgotten. That's the fate of "Jeans Guy," the name fans had given to a crew member who accidentally appeared in a frame of a recent episode of the Disney series, The Mandalorian: as we expected, he has been digitally deleted.

The crew member appeared in the background of a shootout between director/co-star Carl Weathers' episode of the series, "The Siege," and spawned immediate fandom in the form of mock action figures and potential cosplay.

Alas, he's no more -- at least officially. As of this weekend, he no longer appears in the show, thanks to some digital wizardry from the folks at Lucasfilm. 

Disney is the parent company of ABC News.

By Stephen Iervolino
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The Jerky Boys are back, and just when we can use a laugh

ABC News/Steve Iervolino(NEW YORK) -- After nearly 25 years, Johnny Brennan and his prank phone call alter egos Frank Rizzo, Sol Rosenberg and countless others are back, in a new self-titled Jerky Boys album. 

And it's not a minute too soon, the multi-platinum prankster and voiceover star tells ABC Audio. "You know, the crap going on, you know, all that unrest, you know, and the Jerky Boys -- it's just at the perfect time," Brennan says.

He explains, "You don't know how many thousands of emails I got over the years -- or people coming up to me and just saying -- 'Johnny, you have no idea how your work and the Jerky Boys got me through some really rough times.' And I really appreciate that."

Johnny is a regular on Family Guy, playing Mort Goldberg. He was hired by longtime Jerkys fan and Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane, which has only broadened the Jerkys fan base, Johnny B explains.

"It's funny, a lot of the younger ones now they're getting in through Family Guy, so they come in the back door kind of thing," says Brennan, "and a lot of them just grow up with parents that love to share the Jerky Boys with them. And so it's...just very cool."

He adds, "It really blows me away to see how the people have really loved this project, and I firmly believe it's because of the characters. You know, the characters are so endearing."

On the new album, Johnny occasionally plies his handiwork on a very deserving target: telephone scammers trying to bilk people out of their Social Security information, and also overseas customer service operators. "People have been asking me to get those guys for years," Brennan says with a laugh. 

The fifth Jerky Boys album is now available.

By Stephen Iervolino
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Anne Hathaway shrugs off 'The Witches' comparisons to Anjelica Huston

Warner Bros./HBO Max(LOS ANGELES) -- Anne Hathaway, who starred in the 2020 remake of The Witches, says she isn't upset by her performance being constantly compared to Anjelica Huston's, who played the Grand High Witch in the 1990 version of the movie.  

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph's Stellar magazine, the 38-year-old revealed how she kept herself from becoming emotionally invested in the constant comparisons.

"I just keep reminding myself that there have been, like, six Batmen and four Jokers and seven James Bonds," the 38-year-old Oscar-winner said. "We seem to get a little more into comparisons when it’s two women and we seem to get a little more excited when it’s two men."

"Anjelica’s performance is flawless and it’s iconic and it’s just right for the film she’s in. My hope is that my performance is just right for the film that I’m in," added Hathaway, who believes "each performance can be celebrated for what it is."

The Ocean's 8 actress continued that her version of The Witches is drastically different than the 1990 version, which called for her to make the character her own.

"When [director Robert Zemeckis] showed me that ear-splitting grin with the fangs, I thought: 'Oh, this isn’t something that you can get out of your head. This is terrifying,'" confessed Hathaway, who said she remedied that by making the character more comedic than scary to teach children that they can "laugh at evil."

As for whether or not Hathaway feared that fans would not enjoy seeing her play such a vile character, the Oscar winner shrugged, "I haven’t felt fear surrounding being labelled for a very long time" but admitted that she "was afraid of being boxed in as an actress" when she was a lot younger.

By Megan Stone
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Laverne Cox shaken after alleged attack: "It’s not safe if you’re a trans person"

ABC(LOS ANGELES) -- Orange Is the New Black alum Laverne Cox and a friend were involved in an attack over the weekend.

Taking to Instagram on Saturday, the actress and transgender rights activist said the incident "triggered" her because it brought back the harassment and bullying she faced throughout the years.

Cox, who declined to identify her friend, said they were on a socially distanced walk in Los Angeles' Griffith Park to "catch up" on Saturday.

"[I'm] just walking through the park, talking with my friend and then we pass this guy, and the guy very aggressively asks for the time," recounts the Bad Hair star, who adds she didn't entertain the stranger and continued walking because "that's the New Yorker in me."

Her friend, however, did answer the man, who then allegedly asked them "guy or girl?"

Cox claims the man began physically assaulting her friend after being told to leave.  But, by the time the actress grabbed her phone to call 911, she claims the attacker fled the scene.

"It just happened really quickly," the 48-year-old sighed while fighting back tears.  "It’s not safe in the world. I don’t like to think about that a lot, but it is the truth. It’s not safe if you’re a trans person."

Cox, who claims she and her friend are "fine," spoke directly to trans individuals suffering from harassment and trauma, saying, "It’s not your fault that there are people who are not cool with you existing in the world."

"We have a right to walk in the park," the actress furthered. "It’s not your fault if something like this happens to you. If you can, travel with friends. It’s great to be safe out there. Be careful. I love you."

By Megan Stone
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Chrissy Teigen urges to "normalize formula" after opening up about breastfeeding struggles

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for Netflix(LOS ANGELES) -- Chrissy Teigen is hoping that, by opening up about her breastfeeding struggles, she can help break down the stigma regarding breast milk versus formula.

In a lengthy Twitter discussion, the Bring the Funny host called to "normalize formula."

"Normalize breastfeeding is such a huge, wonderful thing. but I absolutely felt way more shame having to use formula because of lack of milk from depression and whatnot," Teigen continued in a followup tweet. She also pointed out that pushing breastfeeding can have unintended consequences on a new mom's confidence.

"People have surrogates, people have trouble breastfeeding and all you hear as a new, anxious mom is how breast is best," the Cravings author wroteadding that no matter what side of the argument a parent is on, "Your baby is gonna be BEAUTIFUL, PERFECT, AND OKAY."

Teigen then explained that, when her children were infants, she used to spend a great deal of time pumping on the "highest mode," and "it drove me mad to the point I could only get an ounce. an ounce!"

"The stress of it, combined with the guilt that you cannot do nature's most natural thing for your own baby is too much," the 35-year-old model implored. "I dunno why this is my crusade now. I just remember the sadness I felt and want you to know you are doing it right if your baby is fed, mama."

This isn't the first time Teigen has advocated for mothers. She recently defended Meghan Markle from critics after the duchess opened up about her miscarriage, weeks after Teigen suffered her own pregnancy loss.  

Teigen is the mom of Luna and Miles -- four and two, respectively -- whom she shares with husband John Legend.  

By Megan Stone
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Michael B. Jordan, Viola Davis and others honor Chadwick Boseman on what would've been his 44th birthday

Marvel Studios(LOS ANGELES) -- Hail to the king! Michael B. Jordan, Viola Davis, Lupita Nyong’o and others paid tribute to Black Panther star Chadwick Boseman on Sunday, which would have been the actor's 44th birthday.

Boseman passed away in August following a private four-year battle with colon cancer.

"Continue watching over us King. Happy Birthday. Miss you," Boseman's Black Panther co-star and close friend Jordan captioned a photo on Instagram of the two of them hugging each other.

"Deeply loved, sorely missed. #ChadwickBoseman," Nyong'o wrote alongside a shot of the two dressed in formal attire.

"Happy birthday in Heaven, Chadwick! You are still so alive to me!! I love you," Davis -- who stars opposite Boseman in his posthumously released film Ma Rainey's Black Bottom, captioned a gif on Instagram of the actor being showered in confetti.

Boseman's Avengers: Infinity Wars and Avengers: Endgame co-star Mark Ruffalo shared an Instagram video of Chadwick warmly being serenaded with "Happy Birthday" by his Endgame crew and co-stars on set. "Thinking of your passion, love, and your light today, @ChadwickBoseman," Ruffalo wrote. "Happy Birthday. Wishing we could time travel back to this moment."

"Happy birthday my friend. I know the angels are celebrating on high with you today. Miss you every day," Josh Gad captioned a photo of him posing with Boseman.

Common tweeted, "Chadwick Boseman would have turned 44 years old today. Happy Birthday King. God Bless You. Thank you for using your gift to bring light to this world. RIP."

By George Costantino
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'The Croods: A New Age' tops weak Thanksgiving holiday weekend with $14.22 million

tifonimages/iStock(NEW YORK) -- The Croods: A New Age, the animated sequel to 2013's The Croods, beat expectations and topped the box office with an estimated $9.71 million for the three-day weekend -- eclipsing Christopher Nolan's Tenet, which delivered $9.35 million in its first three days of release.

The Croods: A New Age delivered an estimated $14.22 million since opening on Wednesday -- a nice haul in this age of COVID-19, but also the lowest Thanksgiving weekend haul in modern history.

Overseas, the film, featuring the voices of Nicolas Cage, Emma Stone, Ryan Reynolds, Catherine Keener, Clark Duke and Cloris Leachman -- reprising their roles from the first film -- along with new cast members Peter Dinklage, Leslie Mann and Kelly Marie Tran, earned an estimated $20 million, for a haul of around $35 million worldwide.

Freaky, the comedy-horror film starring Vince Vaughn, landed in second place with an estimated $770,000.

The family comedy The War with Grandpa -- starring Robert De Niro, Uma Thurman, Jane Seymour and Christopher Walken -- finished third with an estimated with $643,936, bringing its total to a healthy $17.2 million.

Let Him Go, the suspense drama starring Kevin Costner and Diane Lane, brought in an estimated $453,000 for a fourth place finish, bringing its cumulative total to $8.7 million in its fourth week of release.

The horror flick Come Play rounds out the top five, delivering $387,000 between Friday and Sunday, for a total of $8.7 million here in the states.

By George Costantino
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'Star Wars' original Darth Vader, David Prowse, dead at 85

Dave Prowse in 2013; THIERRY ZOCCOLAN/AFP via Getty Images(LONDON) -- David Prowse, the British bodybuilder-turned-actor who wore the menacing black suit of Darth Vader in the original Star Wars trilogy, has died.  He was 85.

Prowse's managers confirmed the news via Twitter, writing in part, "It's with great regret and heart-wrenching sadness for us and million of fans around the world, to announce that our client DAVE PROWSE M.B.E. has passed away."

Standing 6'7" in his prime, Prowse parlayed his physical stature into a film career, with a role as a bodyguard in Stanley Kubrick's 1971 cult classic A Clockwork Orange, which caught the eye of Star Wars creator George Lucas when he needed to fill the menacing boots of his Dark Lord of the Sith.  James Earl Jones famously provided Vader's unmistakable baritone growl after production, which came as a surprise to Prowse, who thought his arguably far less menacing pipes would be used onscreen.

Prowse appeared in numerous television shows and movies, including Doctor Who and as Frankenstein's monster in several Hammer horror films.  A champion weightlifter, he used his experience to train celebrities such as Christopher Reeve for 1978's Superman and Carey Elwes in The Princess Bride.

Prowse was made a Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) in 2000 for services to charity for starring in a series of road safety ads for children in the '70s, and he continued to be a presence at science fiction conventions and the like until his retirement in 2016.

On Twitter, his onscreen son, Mark Hamill, who played Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars saga, remembered Prowse as, "a kind man & much more than Darth Vader." Hamill added, "He loved his fans as much as they loved him. #RIP."

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Whitney Cummings, Keke Palmer and more take a comedic look at credit card fine print in new contest

Photo Courtesy Affirm(NEW YORK) -- Comedian and producer Whitney Cummings, actress Keke Palmer, and stand-up Hasan Minhaj are poking fun at fine print, as part of a million dollar contest that invites consumers to, as well. 

The company Affirm, which bills itself as a "transparent alternative" to the usual credit cards, is putting up a million dollars -- 100 prizes of $10,000 each -- for people who can give the funniest, most dramatic, or creative readings of the usually indecipherable fine print on everything from credit card agreements to labels on food and beauty products.

According to the company, judges are looking for, "the best fine print reading submissions based on the inclusion of a fine print 'gotcha,'" stressing, "originality, creativity, quality, and entertainment value."

Keke and Hasan separately gave their takes on the contest; she reads her lengthy fine print from a seemingly endless scroll of paper, he recorded a segment stressing a sneaker store's silly return policy.

Cummings reads a credit card agreement, yelling at one point, "Who wrote this and why do you hate me?" Ashley Parker, and Taylor Perez will soon drop theirs.

Submissions will be accepted until December 10 at affirm.com/giftsnotgotchas.


By Stephen Iervolino
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Jason Bateman, Timothee Chalamet, Kristen Wiig to host 'Saturday Night Live' in December

NBCUniversal(NEW YORK) -- Saturday Night Live has announced its hosts and musical guests for December, including the return of a former cast member. 

Ozark's Jason Bateman will do the honors on December 5, with the musical guest Morgan Wallen -- who had been previously bumped for violating COVID-19 guidelines when he posted a video of himself partying with female fans. He posted the news fans on social media, along with the wry caption, "Let’s try this again."

December 12 will see upcoming Dune star Timothee Chalamet taking the stage at Studio 8H, with musical guests Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band.

On December 19, former cast member Kristen Wiig returns as host, ahead of the Christmas Day debut of Wonder Woman, in which she plays Cheetah. Her musical guest is Dua Lipa.

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Russo Bros. moves -- Sequel to Chris Hemsworth's Netflix hit 'Extraction'; peek at Tom Holland's 'Cherry'

L-R Anthony Russo, Joe Russo/ABC(LOS ANGELES) -- After helming the biggest movie of all time, Avengers: Endgame, directors Joe and Anthony Russo are making new headlines.

Talk of a sequel to the Netflix hit Extraction began soon after the Joe Russo-penned movie drew big numbers for the streaming service after its April debut, but now it seems the follow-up to the Chris Hemsworth action film has a start date. 

Based on the Ande Parks book Ciudad, the movie had the Thor series star playing strung-out mercenary Tyler Rake, who takes a high-risk job rescuing the son of a crime boss from a rival.

In an interview with Hemsworth's Avengers series co-director, it appears things will get underway on the follow-up next spring.

Joe Russo tells Comicbook.com, "We're in the script phase right now but we're hoping to shoot that sometime next year. I'm super excited, Hemsworth's super excited, Netflix is excited so it's really just a function of getting the script done."

It's not clear yet if the action movie's director, Sam Hargrave, is set to return, and it's also unclear whether the movie will be a sequel or a prequel, as the fate of Hemsworth's character is left to a cliffhanger. 

Meanwhile, Vanity Fair has released images from the Russo Bros.' upcoming reunion with another Avengers series star, Spider-Man's Tom Holland. 

Based on the bestselling novel by the same name from author Nico Walker, Cherry has Holland playing a former Army medic who returns from Iraq with PTSD, who falls into opioid addiction and a life of crime. 

The movie will hit theaters on February 26, and then debut on AppleTV on March 12, 2021.

By Stephen Iervolino
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Bill Murray's brother Ed, inspiration for 'Caddyshack', has died

Michael Reaves/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- Ed Murray, the eldest of Bill Murray's five brothers and the inspiration for the Danny Noonan character in Caddyshack, has died. 

On his William Murray Golf Instagram page, Murray noted the passing "with the heaviest of hearts," calling his brother a "legend."

The memorial says, "It was Ed who introduced the Murray family to this wonderful game of golf -- by way of caddying at Indian Hills Country Club -- at the age of 10, no less. (They don’t make ‘em like that anymore.)"

The post added, "Ed was the recipient of the Evans Scholarship back in 1963, while attending Northwestern University -- a scholarship awarded to golf caddies -- a family storyline which served as inspiration for the Danny Noonan character in Caddyshack when Brian Doyle-Murray co-wrote that iconic screenplay."

The post goes on to note that, "Ed and all five Murray brothers are members of the Caddie Hall of Fame, as well -- something all the boys take pride in, as this game helped shape their lives."

Various sources give Ed Murray's age as either 75 or 76.

By Stephen Iervolino
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Jennifer Lopez reacts to Netflix's 'Selena: The Series'

Cesar Fuentes Cervants/NETFLIX © 2020(NEW YORK) -- Jennifer Lopez has no shame in passing the Selena baton.

The 51-year-old entertainer catapulted to fame after she portrayed the late singer in the 1997 film and now she can't wait to see it reimagined with Netflix's Selena: The Series. In a clip shared to the streaming platform's social media, Lopez reminisced before dishing her thoughts on the new series. 

"Guys, I don't know if you've heard about this new Selena series on Netflix," Lopez began. "Playing Selena was kind of a landmark moment in my career and I was so excited when I saw the trailer and heard about it. It's a great way for this generation to get to know Selena. I love Selena. It's a big part of my life and my career. And I can't wait to see it."

The new series sees Walking Dead alum Christian Serratos transformed into the Tejano queen to tell her life story before it was tragically cut short in 1995. Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Serratos dished about a "special moment" that occurred while portraying Selena. 

"When I was younger, I remember hearing her music in the house," Serratos recalled. "When I got older, YouTube became a big thing and I discovered this video of her performing 'Que Creias.' Whenever I would talk about Selena, that was the video I showed every one of her. I was able to perform that song on the show, and I was so nervous and so excited! I didn't want to speak to anyone because that was my special moment with her. It was really incredible!"

Selena was murdered at age 23 by her fan club's president, Yolanda Saldivar.  She would have been 49 this year.

Selena: The Series hits Netflix on December 4. 

By Danielle Long
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